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Bow Tuning

Charles has over 30 years of experience tuning and setting up both compound bows and traditional bows for customers. Charles is an accomplished archer who is factory trained by several manufacturer and attends training course to keep up with changes in design and technology. If you purchase a bow in our shop Charles will set up the bow for you and ensure you have the right equipment to accomplish your goals. If you purchase a bow on line and have questions please call the shop during normal business hours and Charles will be happy to advise you before and after your purchase. 

Gunsmith service

Whether you purchased your firearm from us or not, If you are having an issue with it please bring it in and let us inspect it. We can fix many issues on site and have several Master Gunsmiths who can perform repairs and modifications with short turn around times. We can also have your firearm coated, Blued, stripped or whatever you prefer. If you have questions please contact us during working hours and we'd be glad to discuss it with you. We want you and others to be SAFE.